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When I was a small boy of about seven years old, my dad and his friend had went coon hunting one night and I usually would have went with them hunting but it was too cold that night. My mother and grand-mother were home with me we had went to bed. I was in the bed praying when God spoke to me and told me that I would preach. I went to my mother's bed and I told her that God had called me to preach, then she told me that she heard me over there and she thought that I was talking to myself, my mother and my grand-mother had a laugh about it. My mother told me I was too young to preach that I needed to wait a little while. That really hurt me because I knew the Lord had called me to preach at that young age.

As time passed I got farther and farther from God. When I was around thirteen years old I started stealing moonshine from my uncle and drinking it. When I was fifteen years old I left home and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, that is when I started drinking all the time. I become an alcoholic by age sixteen or seventeen years old. I went back to my mother and dad's house in Tennessee while I was drunk, I had been there several times before drunk and my dad said, "Lloyd Ray if you can't come here sober, don't come here at all, because you are worrying your mother to death." I stayed away from my mother and father for a long time. I drunk on up until I was twenty-five years old. One day I had taken drugs, drunk alcohol, sniffed paint thinner, smoked marijuana or any thing that would get me high. On the night of January the 18th I threw a beer party for about thirty people, we ran out of beer, so I went to Kathy's Mini Market on the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Tyler Street in Dalton, Georgia. I went into the store with intentions of buying a six pack of beer (for thirty people). The man working the night shift was Paul Weeks. I asked him to sell me a six pack of beer and he said, "No!" I told him that I would give him double price for the six pack but he said, "No!" again. Then when I asked him, "What kind of a Christian are you?" Then Paul said, "Can you tell that I'm a Christian?" I said, "Yes." Paul wanted to know how I knew he was a Christian. And I said, "If you were not a Christian you would have sold me the beer for double price." Paul worked nights so that he did not have to full with the beer coolers. He knew I was drunk, and he told me revival was going on at his church (Cedar Valley Cathedral Of Praise). He wanted to know if he could call his pastor (Clayton Brown) and the guest evangelist from South Georgia (Brother Spradling). So they showed up at the store in a little volkswagon car. Pastor Clayton Brown told me to get up front in the passenger side and he got up front with me.The guest evangelist Brother Spradling got in the back and they layed their hands on me and begin to pray for me and God came down in that little volkswagon car and sobered me up and took all the alcohol and drugs out of me body. I felt it leave my head and I was set free and saved on Sunday, January 19th, 1975 at 2:00 am while sitting in that volkswagon car parked on the right hand side of the store. And when the devil tempts, I point him back to that spot where I got saved. Praise God, Jesus had better plans for my life!!!!! I left the store saved! I went back home where about thirty drunks were. I went in very quietly and all the drunks one by one left my house. I had two packs of cigarettes that I took back to the store for a refund, so I could get the gas to go to church on.

I have been blessed to go to the Bahamas for crusades, also I have been to New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, Alabama and many other places preaching the Gospel of Jesus to this lost and dying world. God has truly blessed this ministry. I have seen two people raised from the dead in this ministry, many people healed, and set free by the power of the Holy Ghost. We have seen the blinded eyes opened, we have seen the deaf ears opened. But the biggest miracles were to see the lost come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I have pastored several churches and now my wife, Betty and I evangelize where ever God opens a doors for us.

The first radio station I ever preached on was WENR out of Englewood, Tennessee. Several years ago I was on channel 12 TV out of Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, I was also on channel 12 TV out of War, West Virginia then to WWCR World Wide Radio out of Nashville, Tennessee until the finances got too tight. I have also preached on WDEH Radio in Sweetwater, Tennessee, Also WRKQ 1250 AM in Madisonville, Tennessee.

After many years of being off the radio God has made it possible once again for us to go on world wide internet radio. All I have ever wanted to do is reach the world for Christ.